The special grinding wheel for grinding track has been successfully tested, breaking the theoretical limit
June 06 , 2020

With the rapid development of high-speed railways, inter-city railways, subways and other rail transportation in China and other countries and regions in recent years, there are higher requirements for the maintenance and maintenance of rails. In terms of rail track repair technology, PRC (Xiamen) Precise Tools Co., Ltd. has made great breakthroughs in research and development of new rail rail diamond grinding wheels in response to the green environmental protection concept advocated idea.

The diamond grinding wheel for grinding rails developed by PRC (Xiamen) Precise Tools Co., Ltd. has broken through the theory that diamond cannot wear ferrous metals, and has applied for invention patents and patent numbers; it has many advantages over the zirconium corundum grinding wheels in use, mainly mentioned below :

1. Safety, because it is a metal bond, it is not easy to break, avoiding injury and equipment damage.

2. Environmental protection, because of the use of super-hard abrasive, so less dust, will not cause damage to the environment, improve the operating environment of workers, healthier to the human body.

3. High efficiency and strong grinding force, save a lot of time to replace the grinding wheel.

4. The grinding precision is high, and the accuracy can be improved by 2-3 grades compared with ordinary zirconium corundum grinding wheels, which is more conducive to the operation of the track.

5. Long service life, which is currently 3 to 5 times that of ordinary zirconium corundum grinding wheels. If the thickened grinding layer is used, it can reach 5 to 10 times that of ordinary grinding wheels.

It will contribute to the rapid development of  high-speed railway, ordinary railway, urban rail transportation!

diamond grinding wheel

Metal bond grinding wheel

diamond grinding wheel

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