Sharpening PCD/PCBN Cutting Tools
Oct 23 , 2019
Diamond tools have the characteristics of high hardness, high compressive strength, good thermal conductivity and wear resistance, which can obtain high machining accuracy and efficiency in high-speed cutting. The above characteristics of diamond tools are determined by the state of diamond crystal. In diamond crystal, four valence electrons of carbon atom are bonded by tetrahedral structure, each carbon atom forms covalent bond with four adjacent atoms, and then forms diamond structure, which has strong binding force and directionality, so that diamond has very high hardness. The hardness and wear resistance of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) are lower than that of single crystal diamond, though the binder is added. However, PCD sinter is isotropic, so it is not easy to crack along a single cleavage plane.

① The hardness of PCD can reach 8000hv, which is 8-12 times of that of cemented carbide;
② The thermal conductivity of PCD is 700W / MK, which is 1.5-9 times of that of cemented carbide, even higher than that of PCBN and copper, so the heat transfer of PCD tool is rapid;
③ The friction coefficient of PCD is only 0.1-0.3 (the friction coefficient of cemented carbide is 0.4-1), so PCD tool can reduce the cutting force significantly;
(4) The thermal expansion coefficient of PCD is only 0.9 × 10 ^ - 6 ~ 1.18 × 10 ^ - 6, which is equivalent to 1 / 5 of cemented carbide. Therefore, PCD tool has small thermal deformation and high machining accuracy;
⑤ The affinity between PCD tool and non-ferrous metal and non-metallic material is very small, so the chip is not easy to stick on the tool tip to form chip accretion during machining

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