Semi finished product workshop
Oct 23 , 2019
The hardness of the grinding wheel is mainly detected by the abrasive blasting hardness machine. The machine sprays a certain volume of quartz sand onto the surface of the grinding wheel with the help of compressed air with a certain pressure, and makes small pits for the tested grinding wheel. The hardness of the tested grinding wheel is measured by the depth of the pits. The hardness of the small pits with high hardness is shallow, and the hardness of the small pits with low hardness is deep. The small pits made have specific values. For example, 350 * 40 * 127 grinding wheel in the previous example, 350mm diameter grinding wheel, hardness K, particle size 46. By looking at the table on the machine, we can know that the standard value of hardness is 2.34-1.80, and the allowable value is 2.61-1.57. If the value is within this range, the hardness is qualified, if not, it is unqualified.
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