Selection of diamond grinding wheel
Jan 10 , 2020

Diamond wheels have sharper edges, less wear, longer life, higher productivity, and better processing quality than those made of boron carbide, silicon carbide, corundum and other general abrasive particles, but they are expensive, so they are suitable for precision grinding of cemented carbide and ceramic , Semiconductor, and other high-hardness brittle and difficult to process materials.The characteristics of diamond grinding wheel include the type of abrasive, particle size, hardness, concentration, bonding agent, shape and size of the grinding wheel.


Artificial diamond (JR) is widely used. According to its crystal shape and particle strength, it is divided into various models, and the model is selected according to its specific purpose.

Resin Wheels For Glass


Comprehensive consideration should be given to the three aspects of workpiece roughness, grinding productivity and diamond consumption.


Only resin bonded diamond wheels have the characteristic "hardness". Generally use S (Y1) or higher.


There are four commonly used binders. Their binding ability and abrasion resistance are in order of resin, ceramic, bronze, and electroplated metal, and they are gradually stronger in order.Resin bond diamond grinding wheelhas high grinding efficiency, good roughness of the workpiece being processed, wide application range, good self-sharpness, not easy to block, small heat generation, easy dressing, and is mainly used in precision grinding processes.Ceramic bonded diamond wheelsare mainly used for the grinding of various non-metallic hard and brittle materials, hard alloys and super hard materials.

ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel


The choice of concentration should be based on the requirements of the particle size, bonding agent, shape, processing method, production efficiency and wheel life of the grinding wheel. High-concentration diamond wheels have a strong ability to maintain the shape of the wheel. When grinding with low-concentration wheels, the diamond consumption is often lower, which should be selected as needed.

Shape and size:

Select according to the shape, size and machine condition of the workpiece.

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