SiC High Purity Powder 99.9% Green Silicon Carbide

SiC High Purity Powder 99.9% Green Silicon Carbide

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Default Mesh Size: About 1 Micro Meter

Widely used in powder metallurgy, electric carbon products, electronic materials



1 modified high-strength nylon material: nano-silicon carbide powder has good compatibility and good dispersibility in polymer composite materials, and has good basic bonding. The tensile strength of modified high-strength nylon alloy is more than 150% higher than that of ordinary PA6. The wear resistance is improved by more than 3 times. Mainly used for armored track vehicle polymer parts, automotive steering parts, textile machinery, mining machinery linings, train parts, etc. can be densified by sintering at lower temperatures;
2 modified special engineering plastics polyetheretherketone (PEEK) wear resistance: when the addition amount is about 5%, can greatly improve and improve the wear resistance of PEEK (increasing the original 30% or more);
Application of 3 nanometer silicon carbide in rubber tires: adding about 2% of nano silicon carbide can be modified without changing the original rubber formula, and its wear resistance can be improved by 20% without reducing its original performance and quality. -40%. In addition, nano-silicon carbide is applied to rubber products such as rubber rubber roller, printer fixing film, etc., which are wear-resistant, heat-dissipating, and temperature-resistant;
4 Metal surface nano-silicon carbide composite coating: using nano-scale particles of the second mixed particles, nickel as the matrix metal, forming a high density on the metal surface, the adhesion is very good electrodeposited composite coating, the metal surface is super hard (resistant Grinding and grinding (self-lubricating) characteristics of high temperature resistance. The micro-hardness of the composite coating is greatly improved, the wear resistance is improved by 2-3 times, the service life is increased by 3-5 times, the bonding force between the plating layer and the substrate is increased by 40%, the covering ability is strong, the plating layer is uniform, smooth and fine;
5 other applications: high-performance structural ceramics (such as rocket nozzles, nuclear industry, etc.), absorbing materials, anti-wear grease, high-performance brake pads, high hardness wear-resistant powder coating, composite ceramic reinforcement and toughening; aerospace industry Structural coatings, functional coatings, protective coatings, absorbing materials, stealth materials, etc.; protective armor for tanks and armored vehicles; can be used as ceramic knives, cutting tools, measuring tools, molds; structural ceramics, functional ceramics for special purposes, Engineering ceramics; igniters; electric heating elements for the electrical industry, far-infrared generators.


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