Precautions for use of diamond grinding wheel
Nov 15 , 2019
Diamond grinding wheel is the hardest grinding wheel, he has the ability of "indestructible", grinding ability is very strong, but the use of diamond grinding wheel also should pay attention to some matters. to extend the service life of the diamond grinding wheel.

1. Diamond grinding wheel is a valuable tool, only used in the processing of high hardness materials, and not suitable for grinding general steel or other soft materials.

2. Diamond grinding wheel installed on the flange plate, but also through static balance before use. Care should be taken not to remove the flange disc before the grinding wheel runs out.

3. The use of diamond grinding wheel machine tools, its rigidity is better, spindle selection accuracy is high (radial beat is not greater than 0.01 mm), and can be made a trace cross-feed.

4. The appropriate grinding dosage must be selected. The following data are available for reference:

(1) Grinding wheel line speed:
Metal binders: (1)10 to 15 x / second (dry grinding), (2)20 to 35 x / second (wet grinding)
Resin binders: (1) 15 to 30 x / second (dry grinding), (2)25 to 40 x / second (wet grinding)

(2) Workpiece line speed: generally 10 to 15 x / minute.

(3) Grinding depth: grinding depth should be small, otherwise the grinding wheel wear is very fast, and grinding efficiency is not necessarily high. Generally 0.005 to 0.01 mm /oxygen travel is appropriate. The finer the abrasive granularity, the smaller the grinding depth, especially when no coolant is used.

(4) Vertical feed speed: generally 10 to 15 m/min. 5. The use of coolant should be used as far as possible when grinding, which not only improves grinding efficiency and grinding quality, but also has less grinding wheel wear. Commonly used coolants are kerosene, light diesel, light oil lamp, generally to kerosene as a good. 6. When the new diamond grinding wheel is in use, in order to obtain the correct shape (outer round true roundness, flatness of the end surface), it also needs to be trimmed, the dressing method can be used to carbonize the silicon grinding wheel, or with silicon carbide abrasive seamount on a flat metal plate or glass plate with hand grinding for dressing (for dressing the grinding wheel end surface).

In order to save expensive diamond grinding wheels, natural dressing methods can also be used, i.e. the new grinding wheel is used for rough grinding, until it is worn to the appearance of the securities, and then used for fine grinding. The grinding wheel working surface can also be carefully refurbished with a carbonized silicon sand wheel strip if it is found not sharp enough or blocked enough during grinding. There are also the following issues to note:

1.Positive operational issues
In the daily use, many operators are always used to operating on the grinding wheel, because this direction can be used vigorously, in fact, this behavior is the grinding wheel operation should be particularly prohibited behavior. According to the operating procedures, when using the grinding workpiece of the grinding machine, the operator should stand on the side of the grinding wheel, not to operate on the front of the grinding wheel, so as to avoid the grinding wheel out or grinding wheel break out of the person.

2.Side grinding problems
In the daily use of grinding machine, we can often find that there are operators regardless of the type of grinding machine, regardless of the type of grinding wheel, the use of grinding wheel side grinding, which is a serious violation of the safety operating procedures of the illegal operation. According to the procedure with the round surface to do the work surface of the grinding wheel should not use the side grinding, the radial strength of this grinding wheel is larger, axial strength is very small, the operator is too strong will cause the grinding wheel to break, or even injure, in the actual use of the process should be prohibited this kind of behavior.

3.Common operational issues
In the actual daily operation, there is also such a situation, someone in order to catch up with the production task, rush working time, two people share a grinding machine at the same time operation, this is a serious violation of the operation, should be strictly prohibited. When a grinding machine is not enough, it can be solved by adding a grinding machine, and it is absolutely not allowed to share a grinding machine at the same time.

4.Force operation problem

In the use of grinding machine, some operators, especially young operators, for grinding speed, excessive force too strong, which is a very unsafe operation behavior. The flat body of any grinding wheel has a certain strength, which is likely to cause the grinding wheel to break, or even fly out of the injury, is also a prohibited behavior.

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