Part of Molding workshop
Oct 23 , 2019
The formation of grinding wheel is mainly formed by die sleeve and then pressed on the hydraulic press. Before forming, the abrasives shall also be screened once, and then the weight of abrasives required for forming the grinding wheel shall be weighed, poured into the forming part of the hydraulic press, and then the materials shall be stirred as evenly as possible, scraped flat with a scraper, put into the formwork, and then press the upper mold sleeve on the formwork, push the hydraulic press into the hydraulic part of the hydraulic press, start the hydraulic press, and set a certain pressure. When the hydraulic press is pressurized to the set pressure, it will stop, and then the pressure shall be released and ejected Forming wheel. Measure whether the thickness of grinding wheel is within the range of sequential error, and then put it on the grinding wheel rack.
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