Our product is certified by MPA
Oct 23 , 2019

   PRC(Xiamen) Precise Tools Co.,Ltd. All tested tools have fulfilled the safety requirements of EN 13236:2010+A1:2015"Safety requirements for superabrasive products"


    Only grinding wheels of the tested type, produced by the mentioned manufacturer ,which are marked according to Annex A of EN 13236:2010+ A1:2015 are allowed to be maked with the sign:

              MPA Z-14537

The implementation of a Quality-Management-System of the manufacturer is mandatory.This certificate is only valid in connection withe the above mentioned Test Teport and will expire on 2020.06.08.

Regular,timely re-testing of the named tools can extend it.

 The manufacturer has agreed to unannounced controls of the products during this period.

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