Make your skis/snowboard more polished-side edges sharpener grinding wheel
Jan 02 , 2020

These days,ski in cold winter has become a really fantastic can skiing on the snow mountain with your ski.however,do you know why your snowboard is so polished and cool?Yes,With the development of technology,polishing the face or side,you can use an electric tool with grinding wheel to finish it.It is convenient to do that.

Here are some details about the snowboard machinery :

Two innovative sharpening tools, for tuning and sides, guarantee an extremely precise and customisable sharpening of the cutting edge, with all the simplicity and safety anyone could need. These tools, which have been patented by Trione, are the first electric sharpeners with tangential grinders that can be used by hand. They can be set to any angle you want and during competitions they can rough-hew in a very short time, or give an extremely customised finish. They are simplicity itself to use: drop your skis into the clamp and run the machine along its edge. Miles faster than a plane and set-square!

Grinding wheel speed0 to 4500 rpm,edge angle 84◦ to 90◦.Usually when you what a high level race finishing,you should chose the fine coarse grinding wheel.Our resin or vitrified bonded CBN and diamond grinding tool have a good work,and can make your bar smooth and can order the good on our website : or you you can send a letter to us by the email we are glad to cooperate with you and provide the service for you.the picture below is our product,and non- standard customizable.

Grinding wheel

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