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Oct 23 , 2019

The surface, the inner hole and the outer circle of the grinding wheel can be machined by the ordinary lathe. The machine tool of special-shaped grinding wheel can realize the automatic working cycle of turning, grinding, drilling and other multiple processes. It can accurately and efficiently complete the turning and grinding of the outer circle, section, inner diameter and hole of the grinding wheel according to the preset program, and is suitable for the processing of parallel, cup, bowl, disc, worm and various special-shaped grinding wheels. It is suitable for the professional design of grinding wheel production, with stable tool holder, accurate positioning and high machining accuracy. The main shaft frequency conversion speed regulation, the rotational speed is gradual, the processing wheel has no surface scratch, reduces the rejection rate.

Automatic program control, complete the action that manual can't complete, simple operation method, save manpower. The grinding wheel inner hole coating machine includes centering oil cylinder, extrusion oil cylinder, storage cylinder, connecting pipe, mandrel, chuck and support plate with middle hole, which supports the grinding wheel on the support plate, extrudes the coating in the storage cylinder to the mandrel through the extrusion oil cylinder, and under the action of centering oil cylinder, the mandrel is repeatedly applied with paste in the inner hole of grinding wheel. Different grinding wheels with different inner holes have different core rods for coating holes. After use, the core rods shall be sealed and preserved to prevent hardening of the coating hole materials and plugging of the coating holes. Generally, the core rods shall be immersed in diesel oil, and the unused coating hole materials can be directly covered by water, without contact with air.
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