India International Grinding and Grinding Technology Exhibition
Mar 18 , 2020

India International Grinding and Grinding Technology Exhibition is an Asian professional grinding and grinding technology exhibition hosted by Virgo, India. This exhibition has been successfully held for three times, and it is a professional grinding exhibition in India. According to statistics, the 2018 Indian Mill Show visitors accounted for 89% of the company's total industry senior decision makers. There were 90 exhibitors and 2,500 visitors.

The 4thGrindex in Pune,India was going to be held on February 13, 2020.Due to the effects of the new corona virus, the country entered the state of primary defense at first. Under the influence of the epidemic, many enterprises cannot start construction in time. The impact of the new corona virus on the world has slowly begun to expand, making it difficult to exit the country. Therefore, the company's preparations for the previous year cannot proceed as scheduled. In order not to miss this opportunity, Prc(Xiamen) precise tools co.,ltd still sent the company's promotional posters and grinding wheel products to the responsible unit. And let them show and publicize for us.

Grindex exhibition

This is a participant of the whole exhibition, there are many domestic companies from China. However, we have confidence in our grinding wheel products and hope that through this exhibition, we can broaden our horizons in the Indian market.

According to the feedback from the client, there are still some interested parties interested in our grinding wheels. Listen to them, they are quite satisfied with our products. We are committed to making our products better, going abroad and going to the world.

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