How To Order
Please inform the following information, if you would like to place order:
Code No., Size (Diameter, thickness, bore, working thickness, total thickness), materials to grind, grit size, bond type, diamond concentration, grinding type(wet or dry use), etc.

1. Processing Method

1.1 Plane(flat surface) Grinding,

1.2. Outer Circle Grinding

1.3. Inner Circle Grinding

1.4. Cutting 5. Other

2. Grinding Material

2.1. Ceramic,      

2.2 Cemented Carbide

2.3. High-Speed Steel,  

2.4. Cast Iron

2.5. PCD/PCBN,      

2.6. Magnetic Material

2.7. Other

3. Grinding Conditions

3.1 Linear Speed ________ m/min

3.2 Feed Speed ________ m/min

3.3 Grinding Depth ________ /um

3.4 Horizontal Feed Speed ________ mm/min

3.5 Coolant Liquid (With or Not)

3.6 Others

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