Grindtec 2020 Augsburg Germany Metalworking and Grinding Technology Exhibition
Jan 14 , 2020

Exhibition Introduction

Grindtec, the exhibition of grinding technology and metal processing in Augsburg, Germany, was launched by AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH. It is held every two years and exhibited in Augsburg, Germany. Grindtec is the world's firstprofessional exhibition of grinding technology.Grindtec is famous for its large exhibition scale, rich variety of exhibits, the level of exhibits leading the world, and the highest level of visitors. It is the window of the international grinding industry, the epitome and barometer of theinternational grinding market, and the best market platform for Chinese grinding tool enterprises to access the world.

At present, profound changes are taking place in the field of metal processing. Emerging technologies are emerging endlessly, and the pace of innovation is accelerating: Industry 4.0 concepts and implementation, new energy can technology and 3D printing technology have become industry hotspots, and all will be revealed at Grindtec exhibition.

Grindtec, the exhibition of metal processing and grinding technology in Augsburg, Germany, is organized by AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH. The exhibition is held every two years. Grindtec attracted 600 exhibitors from last year, and the number of customers reached 20,000. The exhibition was held in Augsburger Messezentrum, the international exhibition center in Augsburg, Germany, with an exhibition area of45,000 square meters.

Note: This exhibition is a professional B2B trade show, which is only open to the industry. Non-industry and those under 18 years old are not allowed to visit. No retail events are available on site.

Due to the needs of the exhibition organization, the organizer has the right to change and adjust the exhibition period and location without notice.

Exhibition scope

Mechanical parts and metal processing:metal processing equipment, industrial materials, measuring instruments and equipment, hand tools, machine hardware and software products, pneumatic devices and systems

Welding and cutting technology:cutting machines and equipment, welding equipment, measurement systems and software, automation control, related consumables

Material handling and logistics:logistics systems and equipment, transportation machinery, storage systems and equipment, packaging machinery and equipment, material handling machinery, other logistics systems and services

Surface treatment: surface cleaning and pre-treatment, electroplating system, special surface coating technology

Grindtec exhibition

Show information

Augsburger Messezentrum, Augsburg, Germany

Venue area: 75,000 square meters

Country: Germany-Augsburg

Phone: +49 (0) 821-2572-0

Venue: Am Messezentrum 5 86159 Augsburg

Conditions of participation

1. For companies that require formal registration of industry and commerce, the business license must be consistent with the exhibiting company and be within the validity period.

2. Exhibits must be related to the theme of the exhibition;

3. Have other conditions that should be provided by laws and regulations.

Exhibition process

1. Submit the application: Submit the exhibition registration form and specify the intention of participation / visit. Download the registration form or ask the staff.

2. Hosting review: The application form and materials meet the requirements and will be reviewed. The review cycle is subject to the organizer (1-3 working days).

3. Audit results: After passing the audit, clarify their respective rights and obligations in accordance with relevant processes and fees, and sign an agreement.

4. Contract signing: Perform the obligations of both parties according to the signed agreement and wait for booth allocation.

5. Determine the booth: Choose and confirm the booth, and pay the balance of the booth according to the actual area and specifications of the booth. Booth allocation is based on the attributes of exhibiting companies and product areas, and priority is given to the order of registration, and the rules of the organizer shall prevail.

Application materials

Photocopy of business license,   Product photo ,  Exhibition registration form

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