DJ CNC Grinder
Oct 23 , 2019

DJ grinder Group Co., Ltd. is located in Xinwu Development Zone, Anwei Wuhu National Development Zone. The group was founded in 2014. Our company is one of the pioneers of 5-axis CNC tool grinder in China. Since 2009, we have launched 5-axis CNC tool grinder, which is a professional CNC grinder manufacturer. The company has been committed to providing domestic high-end equipment and a complete set of technical solutions for the tool system field. The main products include five axis CNC tool grinder, four axis multi-function CNC tool grinder, CNC blade grinder, CNC forming grinder, CNC cylindrical grinder, CNC section differential grinder, CNC thread grinder, PCD super hard tool grinder, as well as customized development of various special grinding machines.

The CNC grinding wheel developed and manufactured by our company is suitable for imported grinders and CNC machine tools such as German Walter. It has the characteristics of high precision, long service life and no damage to the workpiece.

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