Characteristics of metal bonded grinding wheel
Nov 15 , 2019

Superhard abrasive wheels made of diamond or cubic boron nitride (CBN) abrasive have been widely used in various aspects of grinding field due to their excellent grinding performance.Diamond grinding wheel is a special tool for grinding hard and brittle materials such as hard alloy, glass, ceramics and gem.In recent years, along with the rapid development of high speed grinding and super precision grinding technology, higher requirements are put forward for grinding wheel, ceramic and resin bond grinding wheel cannot meet the needs of production, metal bond grinding wheel because of its high bonding strength and good formability, long life and other significant features and has been widely used in the production.

Sintered metal bond grinding wheel Bronze and other metals as binding agents, with high temperature sintering process manufacturing, its high bo nding strength, good molding, high temperature resistance, thermal conductivity and wear resistance, long service life, can bear a larger load.Due to the inevitable shrinkage and deformation of the grinding wheel in the sintering process, the grinding wheel must be reshaped before use, but the grinding wheel dressing is relatively difficult.The grinding wheel shaping method commonly used in production at present is not only time-consuming and laborious in dressing, but also has a lot of diamond particles falling off in the dressing process, which consumes a lot in dressing the grinding wheel itself and has a low shaping accuracy.In recent years, scholars from various countries have carried out researches on dressing metal-bonded diamond grinding wheel with special machining methods, mainly including electrolytic dressing method, edm dressing method and compound dressing method.Electrolytic dressing method has high speed but low precision.Edm dressing method has high precision in shaping and can be both shaped and sharpened, but its shaping speed is slow.Composite dressing method includes electrolytic electrospark composite dressing method and mechanochemical composite dressing method. The dressing effect is better, but the system is more complex. Therefore, the dressing problem of sintered diamond grinding wheel has not been well solved.In addition, because the manufacturing process of grinding wheel determines its surface morphology is random, and the geometric shape, distribution and height of the cutting edge are inconsistent, only a few higher cutting edges cut the workpiece during grinding, which limits the further improvement of grinding quality and grinding efficiency.

Because of these advantages, electroplating grinding wheel occupies the undisputed leading position in high-speed and ultra-high-speed grinding.The flaws of the electroplated diamond grinding wheel: the coating and metal substrate and the combination of the abrasive surface does not exist solid chemical metallurgical combination, abrasive is actually being mechanical embedding in the coating of metal, thus holding force is small, high efficiency grinding of diamond particles in the heavier load easy fall off (or flake coating piece) and cause the overall failure;In order to increase the control force, the coating thickness must be increased. The result is that the bare height of the grinding grain and the space for holding particles are reduced, the grinding wheel is easy to be blocked, the heat dissipation effect is poor, and the surface of the workpiece is easy to be burned.At present, the manufacture of electroplated diamond wheel in China has not realized the optimum design of the grinding wheel according to the requirements of processing conditions.

In order to give full play to the role of diamond, it is necessary to increase the holding force of binder on diamond and improve the bonding strength of grinding wheel.Single high temperature brazing of superhard abrasive grinding wheel can overcome the disadvantage of electroplated grinding wheel, diamond, can be combined with agent, chemical metallurgical bonding between metal matrix, has high bonding strength, only will be combined with the height of layer thickness at 20% ~ 30% can be firmly in the high efficiency grinding heavy load high speed control grinding grain, make brazing grinding wheel grinding grain of naked height can reach 70% ~ 80%, thus increasing the capacity space, grinding wheel is not easy to jam, the utilization of the abrasive more fully.Under the same processing conditions as the electroplate grinding wheel, the grinding force, power loss and grinding temperature of the single-layer high-temperature brazing superhard grinding wheel are lower, which means that a higher working speed can be achieved, which has a special significance in the ultra-high speed grinding above 300 ~ 500m/s.
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