Factors affecting resin bond diamond tools

1 The influence of the binder mainly includes the influence of the type and content of the binder

(1) Various resin bond The common feature of the diamond tool is that the heat resistance is poor. During the process of machining the workpiece, the heat generated between the diamond tool and the workpiece tends to make the local temperature too high. Read More

Advantages and Applications of Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN)

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) was synthesized manually by General Electric (GE) in the 1950s under high temperature and pressure. Its hardness is only second to that of diamond and much higher than that of other materials. Therefore, CBN and diamond are collectively called superhard materials. Cubic boron nitride is synthesized by hexagonal boron nitride and catalyst under high temperature and pressure. It is another new high-tech product after the advent of synthetic diamond. Read More

Six Problems Must Not Be Ignored in Tool Grinding

Because of the complexity of tool application, the professional grindingcenter must modify the grinding scheme in time according to the failure form ofthe polished tool, and track the use effect of the tool. A professional toolgrinding center must continue to sum up experience, in order to tool grindingbetter, more specialized! From the point of view of tool material, grindingequipment, testing equipment and other hardware and grinding standards, grindingtechnicians and so on, Read More

The important points of the work of the diamond wheel

Modern basic industries, aviation, aerospace, electronics manufacturing industry, the mechanical engineering technology has put forward new requirements, prompting the birth of a variety of superhard tool manufacturing technology, I produced the grinding machine taps diamond wheel can be used KAPP, Lacehair RZ400 worm gear grinding machine, then today we have to look at the grinding machine-specific taps diamond forming wheel at work, pay attention to points. Read More

Analysis of diamond turning tool angle

1. The purpose of the positive rake is to reduce the chip was cut when the elastic deformation and chip outflow and front of the frictional resistance, thereby reducing the cutting force and cutting heat, so cutting light and improve the quality of the machined surface. When machining brittle materials, the chips break down, the length of the chip and the tool in front of the contact length L is short, the cutting force concentrates on the cutting edge to pay close, and the impact, easy to cause chipping, the selected angle should be smaller than the processing of plastic materials , To improve the cutting edge strength and heat dissipation capacity. Read More