Tool grinding technology prat two
Mar 23, 2020

Grinding wheels of different materials are suitable for grinding tools of different materials. The size ofabrasiveparticles used in different parts of the tool is also different in order to ensure the best combination of edge protection and machining efficiency.

Alumina: used to grind HSS tools. The grinding wheel is cheap and easy to modify into different shapes for grinding complex cutting tools (corundum).

Silicon carbide: used to correct CBN grinding wheel and diamond grinding wheel.

CBN (cubic boron carbide): used to grind HSS tools. The price is high, but it is durable. Internationally, grinding wheels are represented by B, such as B 107, where 107 represents the size of the abrasive diameter.

Diamond: used for grinding HM tools, high price, but durable.

Thegrinding wheelis represented by D, such as D 64, where 64 represents the size of the abrasive diameter. In order to facilitate the grinding of different parts of the tool, the grinding wheel should have different shapes. The most commonly used are:parallel grinding wheel(1A1): grinding top angle, outer diameter, back and so on.Disc grinding wheel (12V9, 11V9): grinding screw groove, milling cutter main, auxiliary cutting edge, trimming edge, etc. After a period of use, the grinding wheel needs to be modified (including plane, angle and fillet R). The grinding wheel must often use clear stone to clean up the chips filled between the abrasive particles in order to improve the grinding ability of the grinding wheel.

cnc grinding wheel

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