Tool grinding technology part three
Mar 26, 2020

Grinding standard Whether to have a set of good tool grinding criteria is to measure whether a grinding center is a professional standard. in the grinding standard, the technical parameters of the cutting edges of different cutters in cutting different materials are generally specified, including the parameters of the blade inclination angle, the top angle, the front corner, the back angle, the back edge, the chamfering edge and the like (in the hard alloy drill bit, the process of passivating the blade edge is called a "cutting edge", The width of the cutting edge is related to the material being cut, typically between 0.03 and 0.25 Mm. The process of chamfering at the edge (tip point) is called "chamfering".

Each professional has its own multi-year summary of the grinding criteria. The difference between the HM bit and the HSS bit:

HSS drill:

the top angle is generally 118 degrees, sometimes greater than 130 degrees; the cutting edge is sharp; the requirements for precision (edge height difference, symmetry degree, circumferential jump) are relatively low. The transverse edge has a variety of methods of repair.

HM bit:

the top angle is generally 140 degrees; the straight slot is often 130 degrees and the three-edge drill is generally 150 degrees. The cutting edge and the nose (edge) are not sharp and are often passivated, or the cutting edge and the chamfering edge; and the precision requirements are high. The cross-cutting edge is often cut into S-shape to facilitate chip breaking.

Rear corner: The back angle of the cutting edge is very important for the tool. The angle of the back is too large, the blade is easy to jump, the knife is easy to be stuck, and the back angle is too small, the friction is too large, and the cutting is unfavorable. The back angle of the tool varies depending on the material and the type of tool being cut and the diameter of the tool. In general, the rear angle decreases as the tool diameter becomes large. In addition, that cut material is hard, the back angle is small, otherwise, the rear angle is larger.

Tool grinding wheels

6A2 grinding wheel for pcd tools

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