Tool grinding technology part one
Mar 20, 2020

The common tool materials in the tool grinding include high-speed steel (HSS), powder metallurgy high-speed steel (PM-HSS), hard alloy (HM), PCD, CBN, cermet and other super-hard materials. The high-speed steel tool is sharp, the toughness is good, the hardness of the hard alloy tool is high, and the toughness is poor. The density of the hard alloy cutter is obviously higher than that of the high-speed steel tool. The two materials are the main materials of the drill, the reamer, the hammer and the tap. The performance of the powder metallurgy high-speed steel is between the two materials, and is mainly used for manufacturing the rough cutting knife and the tap. 

The high-speed steel cutter is not sensitive to the impact because of the good toughness of the material. But the hardness of the hard alloy tool is high and brittle, is sensitive to the collision, and the cutting edge is easy to jump. Therefore, during the grinding process, it is necessary to care for the operation and placement of the hard alloy tool, and to prevent the collision or the tool falling between the tools. As the precision of the high-speed steel tool is mostly relatively low, the grinding requirement is not high, and the price of the high-speed steel tool is not high. But hard alloy tools often need to be sent to the professional grinding center for grinding. According to the statistics of the grinding center of the Arno tool, more than 80% of the tool for feeding and repairing is a hard alloy cutter.

Tool grinding wheel

Because the tool material is very hard, the tool grinder can only use grinding to change its shape. In the manufacture of cutting tools, there are the following commontool grindersin the manufacture and grinding of cutting tools:

1. Slot grinder: the groove or back of a drill bit, end milling cutter, etc.

2.Grinding top angle machine: the conical top angle (or eccentric rear angle) of the grinding bit.

3. Repair machine: correct the cross edge of the bit.

4. Manual universal tool grinder: grinding outer circle, slot, back, top angle, transverse edge, plane, front knife surface, etc. It is often used in a small number of tools with complex shapes.

5.CNC grinder: generally five-axis linkage, the function is determined by the software. It is generally used forcutting toolswith large grinding quantity and high precision, but not complicated, such as drill bit, end milling cutter, reamer and so on. The main suppliers of such grinders come from Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Australia and Japan.

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