Tool grinding technology part four
Mar 30, 2020

Tool detection equipmentis generally divided into three categories: tool counter, projector and universal tool measuring instrument. The pair knife instrument is mainly used for the preparation of the pair knife (such as length, etc.) of the NC equipment such as the machining center, and is also used to detect the parameters such as angle, radius, step length, etc.; the function of the projector is also used to detect the parameters such as angle, radius, step length, etc. However, the above two cannot generally measure the back corner of the tool. The universal tool measuring instrument can measure most of the geometric parameters of the tool, including the rear angle.Therefore, thetool professional grinding centermust be equipped with a universal tool measuring instrument. But there are not many suppliers of this equipment, and there are German and French products on the market.

The best equipment also requires personnel operation. The training of polishing technicians is naturally one of the most critical links. Due to the relatively backward tool manufacturing industry in China, and the serious shortage of professional and technical training, the training of tool polishing technicians can only be solved by the enterprises themselves. Due to the particularity of the cutting tool grinding industry, ARO has developed a set of evaluation standards for the technical grade of cutting tool grinding by referring to German technical training methods and based on their years of experience. The technical grade of the polishing technician is divided into eight levels, and the eighth level is the highest. A graduate of a technical school is generally able to reach a three-level technician level after half a year of training and practice in the ARO Company.

With grinding equipment, testing equipment and other hardware and grinding standards, grinding technicians and other software, precision tool grindingwork can begin. Because of the complexity of tool application, the professional grinding center must modify the grinding scheme in time according to the failure form of the polished tool, and track the use effect of the tool. A professional tool grinding center must continue to sum up experience, in order to tool grinding better, more specialized!

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