The selection of diamond size and concentration in diamond grinding wheel
Jul 21, 2020

1.Diamond grinding wheel series:

Artificial diamond, also known as "industrial diamond", is the hardest substance known to man in nature today, as is natural diamond.

Due to its high hardness, compressive strength and wear resistance, acid and alkaline resistance, as well as good thermal conductivity and semiconductor properties, it is made into a variety of tools products can be widely used in metallurgy, machinery, geology, petroleum, electronics, optics, construction, stone and other fields.

Artificial diamond grinding wheel is a kind of artificial diamond product made from artificial diamond and other metal powder through high temperature and pressure, which can be widely used in the grinding of hard alloy, non-ferrous metal and non-metal.

2.Particle size to choose

The size of synthetic diamond is indicated by its size number.

The size of the workpiece directly affects the surface roughness, grinding efficiency and tool loss.

In principle, the choice of particle size is to choose the coarse-grained size as far as possible under the condition of meeting the requirements of the workpiece, so as to improve grinding efficiency and reduce the loss of the grinding tool. Generally, diamond particle size is divided into grinding processes: coarse grinding 30#-120# middle grinding 120#-240# fine grinding 240#-W40 grinding and polishing W40-W1

3.Selection of binder

Artificial diamond grinding wheel can be divided into resin grinding wheel, metal grinding wheel, ceramic grinding wheel and electroplating grinding wheel according to the different binder.

Different binder has different performance, according to different processing objects, requirements to choose the appropriate binder.

Resin binder no. B is used for cutting and grinding hard alloy, glass, ceramics, stone and gemstone.

Metal bonding agent M for hard alloy, glass, ceramics, stone, gemstone and other heavy load cutting, grinding good wear resistance.

Ceramic binder V is suitable for dry and wet grinding of all kinds of steel and cast iron.

Electroplating binder D is used for grinding special surfaces and holes of various materials and cutting and cutting of precious materials.

4.Concentration is chosen

The concentration refers to the content of synthetic diamond in the abrasive layer of the abrasive tool.

(1) Resin bonded grinding wheel generally adopts the concentration of 50%-100%;

For most of them, 75% can be used, which can be lower than 75% for high finish, and 100% or more can be used for shape grinding and grinding wheels with long service life.

(2) Metal binder products generally use 25%-150% of the concentration;

Among them, the coarse-grained cutting saw blade, the concentration is generally lower, i.e. 25-50%, and the fine-grained blade is higher;

Other metal bonded grinding wheels generally require a concentration of 50%-100%.

In general, coarse grinding with a higher concentration, semi-fine grinding with a medium concentration, and fine grinding, polishing with a higher concentration.

Concentration Abrasive content volume % carat /cm3 25% 6.25 1.50% 12.2.2 75% 18.75 3.3 100% 25.125% 31.255.5

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