The defection and solution of wood working tool grinding
Apr 01, 2020

The defection and solution of wood working tool grinding

Blade grinding surface burn common conditions : light - blade grinding surface yellow rust color;Heavy - edge grinding surface is blue;Heavy - edge grinding surface is black;

Most serious - edge grinding surface cracking Reasons:

1. Sand grains of grinding wheel are too hard and too fine;

2.  the sand is not clean, there is the phenomenon of cuttings;

3. The grinding amount of each stroke of the grinding wheel is too large;

4.  Insufficient coolant or stop-operation;

5. If the grinding wheel stops rotating suddenly on the grinding surface, it is easy to scrape the grinding wheel on the grinding surface, and when the grinding wheel starts rotating again, it is easy to burn the grinding surface or damage the cutting tool and grinding wheel.

Wavy edge Reasons:

1. Blade grinding is carried out without correcting the concave and convex surface of the grinding surface produced by rotary knife, resulting in less grinding on concave and more grinding on convex;

2. When grinding the blade, the number of pressing blocks is insufficient or the pressing force is not uniform, resulting in uneven installation of rotary knife on the tool holder of the grinding machine;

3. knife grinding machine tool guide rail and four rollers processing accuracy is poor, or wear uneven and uneven.

The blade is curved Reasons:

1. knife grinding machine guide rail is not straight;

2. knife grinder tool holder is not straight;

3. sharpening fashion knife is not correct.

Blade grinding surface smoothness can not meet the requirements Reasons:

1. Too much grinding;

2. Grinding wheel granularity is too coarse.

The blade is not sharp Reason:

Did not grind to the knife edge appears a row very thin "fine hair head" to stop the cutting edge grinding.

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