The common grinding defects and elimination methods of centerless grinding machine
Dec 23, 2019

First, the reason for the non-circle of the part

(1) the guide wheel does not repair the circle.

(2) the grinding times are less or the last process ellipse is too large.

(3) grinding wheel obtuse .

(4) excessive wear or excessive knife .

walking method :

(1) repair guide wheel, to be repaired round stop (general repair to no intermittent sound stop).

(2) properly increase grinding times.

(3) rework grinding wheel.

(4) reduce wear and heavy knife speed.

Second, The part has an edge shape (polygon).

(1) The part center is not high enough

(2) The axial thrust of the part is too large. Unbalance the part against the retaining pin

(3) The grinding wheel does not balance

(4) The high center of the part center

walking method :

(1) the precision of the center of the part

(2) reduces the angle of the grinding machine guide wheel to 0.5 ° or 0.25 °.

When it is assumed that the gear is not able to be resolved, the balance of the fulcrum is to be viewed.

(3) The balance grinding wheel .

(4) properly reduces the height of the center of the part.

Third, The causes of vibration marks on the surface of parts

(1) the vibration of machine tools caused by the unbalanced surface of grinding wheel .

(2) the moving forward of the center of the part makes the parts beat.

(3) the grinding wheel is worn obtuse or the wheel surface is repaired too fast .

(4) the rotating speed of the guide wheel is too fast to eliminate.

walking method :

(1) the grinding wheel is carefully balanced .

(2) the parts are properly reduced in the part core .

(3) grinding wheel or proper increase grinding wheel dressing speed.

(4) appropriate reduction of guide speed.

Fourth, The part has a taper

(1)The front part is small due to too much lower guide bus bar of the front guide plate or the inclined face of the front guide plate.

(2)the rear part is small due to the low surface of the rear guide plate and the guide wheel busbar or the rear guide wheel of the rear guide plate.

① Adjust the angle grinding wheel during modification according to the taper direction of parts

② Grinding wheel and guide wheel.

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