Synthetic diamond theory
Apr 13, 2020
The important value of diamond has been widely used in industry, science and technology, national defense, medical and health and many other fields because of its many excellent characteristics. Diamond hardness is very high, it can be used as fine grinding material high hard cutting tool , all kinds of bits, wire drawing die, but also as a part of manyprecision instruments. Diamond has high thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation, so it can be used as a heat sink of semiconductor devices. In addition, it has good light transmittance and corrosion resistance. The birth of modern and more functional diamond. Synthetic diamond is known as "the strategic material of the 21 st century". Therefore, it is of great significance to study the synthesis ofsynthetic diamond.

The formation mechanism of natural diamond was first discovered in the rock tube of volcanic eruption, which was formed in kimberlite. The kimberlite rock mass is distributed in the ancient rigid platform area. Its slurry comes from the upper mantle of underground 100km~200km, invades upward along the deep fault, and forms high temperature and high pressure, which is a long stage. 

The early crystallization minerals are olivine, magnesia-aluminum garnet, diamond, and then chromium diopside and chromium spinel. With the gradual increase of magma and the decrease of temperature and pressure, magmatic distillation occurs and magnesium ilmenite and rutile are formed. When the magma reaches the shallow zone, the temperature and pressure are lower, and a large number of volatile components are precipitated, resulting in perovskite, perovskite and apatite. When the magmatic pressure exceeds the overlying strata pressure, it erupts. Because the magma continues to rise in many stages, the rock fragments and minerals of the early crystallization are cemented by the later magma.

Both in deep and shallow kimberlite contain diamond. There are magnesium aluminum garnet, olivine and chromium spinel in diamond inclusions. There are also magnesia-aluminum garnet wrapped diamond, diamond wrapped diamond, all of which show the multi-stage of diamond crystallization. Due to the rise of magma, volatile activation, strong reaction of water molecules, the formation of altered secondary minerals, serpentine, carbonate, chlorite, talc and so on. Therefore, the diamond content in the upper part of the rock mass is higher than that in the lower part. There is also diamond found in the captive body and surrounding rock of the kimberlite rock mass, but no connection with the kimberlite magma.

It is inferred that this may be a kind of diamond formed by high temperature vaporization. With regard to the temperature and pressure of diamond formation, according to the multistage of diamond formation, diamond can be found from the early stage of magma to the later stage of magma, to hydrothermal stage and vapor formation stage, which indicates that the temperature and pressure range of diamond crystal is very wide. In a word, high temperature and high pressure is an indispensable condition for diamond formation.

Synthetic diamond material

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