Selection of Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Grinding Wheel
Jan 14, 2020
Cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels have only a thin layer of cubic boron nitride particles attached to the surface of ordinary grinding wheels. Their abrasive grain toughness, hardness and durability are 100 times that of corundum grinding wheels. Large, high-temperature strength, low thermal conductivity, difficult-to-grind steel and high-speed or ultra-high-speed grinding. Its application range and artificial diamond play a complementary role. Diamond wheels have a unique effect when grinding hard alloys and non-metallic materials, but when grinding steel, especially when special steel is ground, the effect is not significant. Cubic boron nitride grinding wheels are nearly 100 times more efficient at grinding steel than corundum grinding wheels, and five times more efficient than diamond grinding wheels. However, grinding brittle materials is not as good as diamond.
Cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels

The choice of cubic boron nitride wheel is similar to that of diamond wheel. However, in the selection of bonding agents, most of them are resin bonding agents, by electroplating and metal bonding agents. Ceramic bond CBN wheels are mainly used for the grinding of hard-to-machine ferrous metals such as titanium alloys, high-speed steels, and malleable cast iron.Resin bond CBN wheelsare suitable for grinding ferromagnetic materials and are ideal for processing steel.CBN grinding wheel concentration is generally more economical and reasonable between 100% and 150%. It cannot use ordinary cutting fluids and requires special cutting fluids.

CBN grinding wheel


CBN grinding wheels have obvious advantages in grinding ferrous material parts compared to diamond grinding wheels.CBN still keeps stable when the temperature is above 700-800C.CBN external grinding wheeland cbn internal grinding wheel have good shape retention,consistent dimension of work piece,self sharpening and less dressing frequency,and high productivity.


Internal cylindrical grinding wheels are uesd for precision bearing,stators of automobile power steering pump,staors and cylinder blocks of compressors,cage and balltracks of constant velocity joints,mold etc.

External cylindrical grinding wheels are used to grind automobile parts,grinding of cam lobes and journals of automoblie camshafts,grinding of crank pins,crank journals of crankshafts and mold,etc.


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