Mechanical Grinding Process of Diamond Grinding Wheel for PCD Tool
May 07, 2020

Features of pcd tools

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a polycrystalline sintered microcrystalline diamond powder with a small amount of metal powder (such as Co) and sintered at high temperature (1400 ° C) and high pressure (6000M Pa). Compared with other tool materials, PCD has extremely high hardness and wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, small friction coefficient, fast cutting heat dissipation, low cutting temperature, small thermal deformation, and can reduce the surface roughness of processing. Features. However, because PCD has a strong affinity with iron group elements, it is not suitable for processing ferrous metals and their alloys.

The commercially available PCD composite sheet is prepared by sintering a PCD layer with a thickness of 0.5 to 0.7 mm on a cemented carbide substrate, so it has both the high hardness of PCD, high wear resistance and good cemented carbide Strength and toughness. PCD tools show excellent cutting performance in high-speed cutting of non-ferrous metals, their alloys, and non-metallic materials, and have been widely used in automotive, aviation, aerospace, building materials and other industrial fields. However, the high hardness and high wear resistance of PCD make it difficult to sharpen the tool, mainly reflected in the small material removal rate, the large grinding wheel loss, the low grinding efficiency, and the cutting edge are serrated. The sharpness of PCD tool has become one of the obstacles to its popularization and application. In order to break through this process bottleneck, scholars at home and abroad have conducted a lot of research and development work.

Grinding technology of diamond wheel for PCD cutter

Commonly used PCD tool sharpening processes include diamond wheel mechanical sharpening, discharge sharpening, electrolytic sharpening, etc. Among them, diamond wheel mechanical sharpening is the most mature in technology and is currently the most widely used. Although this method has lower sharpening efficiency and higher processing cost, it can obtain good cutting edge quality and complete and smooth front and rear cutting surfaces.

Diamond grinding wheel For PCD tool

High efficiency grinding wheels

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