Maintenance method for diamond grinding wheel
Jul 20, 2020

1. If the diamond grinding wheel is not used immediately, it should be put flat or hung up with the inner hole. Other articles or feet should not be piled on the flat saw blade.

2. When the diamond grinding wheel is no longer sharp and the cutting surface is rough, it must be repolished in a timely manner.

Grinding can not change the original Angle, and break the dynamic balance.

3. The inner diameter correction and hole positioning processing of diamond grinding wheel must be carried out by the factory.

If the processing is not good, will affect the product use effect, and may occur danger, reaming

The upper aperture should not exceed 20mm, so as not to affect the balance of stress.

4. Selection of alloy grinding wheel.

1) Resin bonded diamond grinding wheel has a weak binding strength, so its self-sharpening performance is good enough, and it is not easy to block, high grinding efficiency, low grinding force and low grinding temperature. Its disadvantages are poor wear resistance and large wear loss, so it is not suitable for heavy load grinding.

2) The abrasion resistance and bonding ability of the ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel are better than that of the resin bonded wheel, with sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency, less heating and blocking, less thermal expansion and capacity

Easy to control the precision, shortcomings of grinding surface coarse, high cost.

3) Metal bonded diamond grinding wheel has high bonding strength, good wear resistance, low wear, long life, low grinding cost, and can bear large load, but poor sharpness and easy blockage.

4) Abrasive particle size has a certain influence on the blockage and cutting amount of grinding wheel. Compared with fine sand grains, coarse sand grains have a larger cutting depth and the cutting edge wear increases. On the contrary, grinding wheel is prone to blockage.

5) Grinding wheel hardness has a great influence on blockage. High hardness grinding wheel has a high thermal conductivity, which is not conducive to surface heat dissipation, and is conducive to improving machining accuracy and durability.

6) Grinding wheel concentration selection is an important characteristic, which has a great impact on grinding efficiency and processing cost. If the concentration is too low, the efficiency will be affected. On the contrary, grinding grains are easy to fall off, but the best binder is available

The concentration range is also optimal.

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