Domestic and foreign ceramic CBN super hard grinding tool brand and market application.
Dec 30, 2019

Representative abrasive producers abroad have Norton, Austria's TAROLIT, WINTER in Germany, Vincent (VINCENT) in Italy, United States, BAYSTATE, and WINTER HUR, Switzerland. The San Goran Group, based in France, has over 1,000 financial and consolidated subsidiaries worldwide, with production enterprises in 45 countries and a total of 171,000 employees. Sangoran abrasive tool (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China, located in Minhang Economic Development Zone, Shanghai. The use of advanced production technology and modern management means to produce and sell precision ceramic grinding wheels. The product of the Sangoan abrasive tool has a fixed abrasive tool, a grinding wheel, an oil stone and a grinding head to be coated with a grinding tool, an abrasive belt for grinding and polishing, a sand disc, a sand disc, a sand roll and a sand paper. Super abrasive tools, diamond and CBN grinding wheels, diamond saw blades and diamond dressing pens, and cutting and drilling tools specifically designed for cutting, grinding and polishing of silicon carbide, concrete, masonry, metal and other superhard materials. Sangoan abrasive tool branch has a global well-known abrasive tool brand, such as NORON, FLEX-OVIT, CORA, WINTER, and UNICON.

The company has developed a series of common ceramic bond grinding tools and super-hard materials (CBN, diamond) grinding tools and other tools for car industry processing. The grinding car cam is developed, and the Sangoan abrasive grinding tool (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the sole-owned enterprise of the Group in China, with strong technical force and high technical content of the product, and has developed and has a patent-based super-microcrystalline sintered corundum abrasive. the crystal grain size of several thousand times smaller than that of the common white corundum is adopted, the grain size is high, the micro-crushing property is provided, the high grinding efficiency and the high-precision occasion are required in the case of grinding the difficult-to-be-ground material. And meanwhile, the dressing amount of the grinding wheel can be greatly reduced, and the service life of the grinding wheel can be prolonged. As the price of SG abrasive is high, it is mixed with corundum abrasive according to different requirements when in use to form different grades. In order to give full play to its performance, a special ceramic bonding agent is developed, one is a high-efficiency low-temperature bonding agent, and a ceramic CBN grinding wheel which is a large air-hole high-efficiency low-temperature combined shaft cam, and the using speed is 125 m/ s.

The company also recommends a coarse grinding according to different work pieces and different grinding requirements, The grinding wheel at various price points of fine grinding gives a comparison of their grinding effect to facilitate the selection of the user. The use speed of a common abrasive wheel for grinding of a car engine and a transmission part is usually 45-63 m/ s. As a leader in the world's abrasive tool industry, Saint-Goa has designed, manufactured and sold NOTON (Norton), WINTER (Winter), All the abrasive products of the three leading brands, such as Flexway, arethe world's largest manufacturer of abrasive toolsand the only global company that can produce all five major categories of abrasive products. The product has a fixed abrasive tool, a coated abrasive tool, an ultra-hard material grinding tool, a resin cutting and polishing sheet, and a building industrial diamond product, and the like.

In 1919, the company of TYROLIT, Austria, founded the first batch of glass fiber-reinforced abrasive and finishing grinding wheels in 1952, and in 1974, the first batch of ceramic bonding agents, CBN wheels, was produced in 1974, in partnership with the United States DIAMOND and the HY-DROPESS of Switzerland since the 1990s. The international well-known manufacturing enterprises, such as the VIN-CENT of Italy and BAYSTATE of the United States, have become the most powerful and influential production supplier of the grinding tool in the world, and 18 branch factories are distributed around the world, and the sales network covers more than 60 countries and regions. WINTHERTHUR, Switzerland, is a well-known enterprise for the production of precision grinding wheels. Themain production of ceramic bonding agentis as follows: the grinding wheel, the microcrystalline sintered ceramic abrasive wheel and the ceramic bonding agent CBN grinding wheel are mainly produced. The high-porosity slow-feed grinding wheel of the ceramic binder is used for grinding the turbine blades, the rolling and grinding method, the partial roll-grinding method and the forming and grinding method to process the precision gear, and is said to be a few manufacturers capable of producing such a grinding wheel. The grinding wheel can be formed by a cut-in or cut-to-feed grinding method, and the precision ball screw, the thread and the worm can be ground.

CBN ceramic grinding wheel

The company has the CNC machine tool for forming the complex surface of the grinding wheel, the pre-formed grinding wheel of the profile can be supplied, the geometric dimension precision of the various grinding wheel-shaped surfaces is guaranteed, and the time of the user's field installation and the consumption of the trimming tool are reduced. The domestic grinding tool manufacturers have the White Pigeon Group (original second sand), the Shanghai sand wheel factory, the Suzhou sand wheel factory, the sixth sand wheel factory, the North Jiangsu sand wheel factory, Shandong Luxin High-tech Industry Co., Ltd. (the original four-sand), the Zhengzhou abrasive tool grinding and research institute and so on. In 2005, Shandong Luxin invested a hundred million yuan in the construction of wear-resistant sand and high-grade abrasive tools in the new park, and carefully studied and adopted new process, new equipment, new technology and new materials, and in this regard is at the forefront of domestic peers, and the static balance performance of the Taishan brand grinding wheel is more than 30% of that of the domestic similar products. White Pigeon Group adopts a unique process to make common abrasive, groove, interlayer, and multiple forms of combined grinding of crankshaft and camshaft ceramic grinding wheel. The maximum service speed can be up to 60 m/ s. The maximum diameter of the grinding-threaded ceramic flat and double-bevel grinding wheel is 500 mm, and the maximum service speed is up to 60 m/ s;

The newly developed grinding wheel for grinding and grinding railway, with a speed of 50 m/ s, is installed in a mill train in groups, and the rail profile is polished on the railway line, and the amount of each grinding is not less than 0.16 mm. The use speed of 120 m/ s ceramic binder, CBN grinding wheel, is successfully applied to the grinding and production of the cam of thecar's camshaftin the CNC grinding machine manufactured by SCHAUDMIKROSA. The grinding efficiency and the grinding effect reach the same level of foreign products.

CBN grinding head

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