Comparison of dressing methods of diamond grinding wheel
Jul 17, 2020

Diamond grinding wheel has a very good grinding performance, and is widely used in the grinding of industrial ceramics, hard alloy, optical glass, diamond tools and precious stones, etc.

But diamond wheel hardness is very high, so it is difficult to finish the big, and easy to occur in the process of finishing congestion problems, seriously affecting grinding efficiency, surface quality and repair limits the application of diamond grinding wheel, in this paper, the diamond grinding wheel finishing methods of comparison and research, analyzes the various modification methods of shaping principle, characteristics and application occasions.

1 Grinding dressing method

1.1 Principles of grinding dressing method

When finishing is using ordinary abrasive grinding wheel and diamond wheel for grinding, diamond grinding wheel rotation, and rotation of the ordinary abrasive grinding wheel in the also do feed movement, on the surface of the diamond grinding wheel grinding grains under the action of friction, slowly rotating, rotating at the same time produce certain extrusion of metal bond, to make the crack of binder, along with the continuous action of friction, causing bond crack expand, binder, eventually make the dull surface of the diamond grains from the grinding wheel fall off, the sharp diamond particles revealed so as to achieve the purpose of finishing.

1.2 Characteristics of grinding dressing method

The main advantages of grinding dressing method are: simple structure, convenient operation, short dressing time, stable grinding speed and low grinding cost, but the dressing process has impact force, low dressing efficiency, poor dressing accuracy and more grinding grain shedding, and the shaping quality is not easy to control.

Used for dressing diamond grinding wheel with ceramic and resin binder.

2 soft elastic dressing method

2.1 Principle of soft elastic dressing method

In the soft elastic dressing method, the abrasive belt is placed on the abrasive belt wheel during dressing. During dressing, the diamond wheel is rotated at high speed, the coil wheel is rotated slowly, and the abrasive belt is moved on the abrasive wheel slowly. The contact force between the abrasive belt and the grinding wheel is used to effectively remove the binder between the grinding grains on the surface of the diamond wheel, so as to achieve the purpose of dressing.

2.2 Advantages of soft elastic dressing method

Compared with other repairing method, soft elastic trim method is more suitable for dressing metal bond diamond powder grinding wheel, because the metal bond diamond powder grinding wheel both metal plasticity, and high hardness, so finishing considerable difficulty, mainly displays in: dressing tool surface grinding grain was quickly wear and tear, the second is the crumbs of finishing the space easy to jam makes dressing cannot continue.

However, the dressing tool of soft elastic dressing method, abrasive belt, is always contacted by the dressing grinding wheel with new sharp abrasive particles, which can form a good dressing environment and effectively remove the binder between the grinding grains on the surface of diamond grinding wheel. Moreover, the grinding force is small and the grinding surface quality is high during dressing.

Electric spark dressing method

3.1 Principle of EDM dressing

The method in the process of dressing diamond grinding wheel, grinding wheel at high speed, the positive, of the diamond grinding wheel to connect power tools power of the cathode electrode, the diamond grinding wheel and grinding coolant injection between tool electrode, a voltage between tool electrode and the grinding wheel, spark discharge in the grinding wheel of metal binding agent and trim the generation between electrodes, the instantaneous discharge of high temperature gasification in the metal binder, metal bond of grinding wheel surface is removed effectively and diamond grits are fully exposed to grinding wheel's dressing.

3.2 Characteristics of EDM dressing

Can realize online trim, easy to ensure the accuracy of the grinding wheel grinding, after dressing grinding wheel grinding force is small, high precision plastic and plastic and sharp it can be finished at the same time, but plastic slower and spark discharge dressing diamond grinding wheel for discharge temperature makes abrasive performance change, effectively control the temperature of the grinding wheel surface is the key of edm dressing diamond grinding wheel.

4 laser dressing method

4.1 Principle of laser dressing method

Laser trimming method is the use of the laser beam focusing optical system into a small light spot in the grinding wheel surface, except a few laser is reflected most of the laser is absorbed by the metal binder, temperatures soared, caused by laser beam irradiation area, metal binder gasification and removed, binder material removal is usually through: light, absorption, heat up, gasification process.

In laser repair grinding wheel, the reasonable control of laser power and density, can remove the grinding wheel and diamond grits and binder on the surface of the material, to achieve the objective of the grinding wheel plastic, by adjusting the laser processing parameters, also can selectively remove binder materials on the surface of the grinding wheel, the diamond grits have certain protrusion height, achieve the goal of grinding wheel repair the sharp.

4.2 Advantages of laser dressing method

Laser trimming method is a method of non-contact finishing dressing when no mechanical force, the wastage of the dressing tools, laser action time is short, work area is small, the diamond grits and binder didn't damage, ensure the grinding performance of grain, and finishing efficiency is high, the defect is finishing process are complex and high cost.

Electrolytic dressing method

5.1 Principle of electrolytic dressing method

Electrolytic dressing method is mainly used for metal adhesive diamond grinding wheel, electrolytic dressing, metal bonded grinding wheel with the positive dc power supply for electrolytic anode, into the tool electrode and negative electrode dc power supply for electrolytic cathode, between the anode and the cathode injection with electrolysis of grinding liquid as the electrolyte, the diamond grinding wheel, electrolyte, tool electrode and the power supply current loop, trimming, let fills the gap between the cathode and anode, electrolyte electricity from the electrolyte flow finishing grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel on the surface of the metal bond of metal components under the effect of electrolyte, dissolved in the electrolyte,

Combined with hydroxide ions in the electrolyte, the tiny solids are generated and taken away by the flowing electrolyte, which greatly reduces the surface bonding strength of diamond grinding wheel. Then, the mechanical dressing method can be used to greatly improve the dressing performance.

Therefore, electrolytic dressing is a compound dressing method with electrochemical action as the main and mechanical action as the auxiliary.

5.2 Characteristics of electrolytic dressing method

Electrolytic dressing method can facilitate the realization of online electrolytic dressing metal bond diamond grinding wheel, and plastic and sharp can finish at the same time, easy to control cutting state, on the surface of the diamond grinding wheel dressing diamond grinding wheel by electrolysis is the advantage of dressing short time, low grinding heat and avoid the diamond grinding wheel grinding wheel life caused by dressing temperature grinding grain carbide, defect is electrolytic dressing method of plastic precision is not high, repairing cost is larger, process more complex.

6 the conclusion

Dressing of diamond grinding wheel is the key to precision grinding, ultra-precision grinding, high efficiency grinding and forming grinding of hard and brittle materials.

Dressing methods of diamond grinding wheel are various with their own characteristics. This paper only introduces several dressing methods that are widely studied and applied at present and have good dressing effect. In practical application, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors such as workpiece and machining to select the optimal dressing scheme to achieve the best dressing effect.

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