Carbide woodworking tools and grinding wheels are selected
Aug 13, 2020

Rational selection of grinding wheel is one of the key factors to ensure the quality of cutting tool grinding.

The grinding of carbide insert tooth saw blade should use diamond wheel. The performance indexes of diamond wheel include abrasive particle size, binder type, grinding wheel hardness, grinding wheel structure, grinding wheel shape, grinding wheel size, diamond concentration, diamond diamond layer thickness and width, etc.

The abrasive of diamond grinding wheel is synthetic diamond made from graphite under high pressure and high temperature under the action of catalyst agent. The main component of diamond is carbon. It has several colors, such as colorless, transparent, light yellow, yellow green and black.

The abrasive of synthetic diamond is very hard, which is commonly used for grinding carbide tools at present. Compared with silicon carbide, the grinding productivity is 5 times higher, the roughness is 1 ~ 3 times higher, and the tool durability is 1 ~ 3 times higher.

Diamond grinding wheel is expensive, poor toughness, especially strong affinity for iron group elements, poor thermal stability, in the air when the temperature reaches 700 ~ 800℃ will be graphitized, so it can not be used to sharpen the steel tool.

Due to the high price of diamond grinding wheel, the abrasive layer is composed of diamond and binder only in the working part of the grinding wheel. The thickness of the abrasive layer is usually only 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm and 5mm.

The grain size standard of diamond grinding wheel is the same as that of ordinary grinding wheel. The grain size is usually 80 ~ 120# when grinding carbide sawtooth, and the grinding wheel hardness is intermediate.

The concentration of diamond grinding wheel refers to the quality of diamond contained in the material layer per unit volume. The standard is 0.879g (4.39 carats) /cm3 and the concentration is 100%.

Generally, 50% or 100% concentration is used when grinding carbide sawtooth blade.

Table 1 shows the shapes and codes of commonly used diamond grinding wheels.

The binder used for diamond grinding wheel includes bronze (Q), resin (S), ceramics (A) and electroplating (D).

Resin bonded diamond grinding wheel is generally used for dry grinding, and bronze bonded diamond grinding wheel is used for wet grinding with coolant.

The marking sequence of diamond grinding wheel is: abrasive - particle size - hardness - binder - concentration - shape - size.

Dimension injection method is as follows: outer diameter × thickness × aperture × diamond ring width × thickness of the material layer × Angle.

For example, abrasive of artificial diamond, particle size 100#, medium hardness, resin bond, concentration 50%, disc Type 1 grinding wheel, outside diameter 80mm, thickness 13mm, aperture 20mm, material ring width 3mm, material layer thickness 3mm diamond grinding wheel is marked as

Before using the grinding wheel, check whether there are cracks, coaxiality, vibration and other conditions of the grinding wheel, and whether the surface is clean or not.

When grinding carbide saw blade with diamond grinding wheel, do not contact with the blade body of tool steel material, otherwise the wheel will be blocked.

The saw blade body of tool steel shall be ground with a emery wheel made of corundum or silicon carbide.

Due to the high hardness of hard alloy, grinding pressure is required, and due to its small thermal conductivity, it is not allowed to generate too much heat. Therefore, it is required to have good cooling and heat dissipation conditions when grinding the edge. Usually, cooling fluid is needed to reduce the generation of grinding cracks.

When grinding hard alloy saw tooth with diamond grinding wheel, the total grinding amount should be controlled below 0.1mm. The diamond consumption of grinding wheel with too large cutting edge grinding amount is too high and the cost is too high.

With the blade grinding of YG6 and YG8 carbide sawtooth and the coolant supply in the range of 3 ~ 4L/min, the bronze binder with particle size of 100 ~ 120# and concentration of 100% can be used.

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