Analyze the grinding wheel application in mold grinding
Nov 14 , 2019

Mold is the basic process equipment for industrial production. In electronic, automotive, electrical, electrical, instrumentation, home appliances and communications products, 60% - 80% of the parts rely on mold molding. The level of mold production is inseparable from the quality of the abrasives used in the processing. Nowadays, the electronic products such as mobile phones and computers are getting smaller and smaller, and the more elaborate, the development of the mold has played a big role.

What we are discussing today is some of the latest developments in mold grinding. We call mold grinding a tool mill, because the industry has become accustomed to this name.

Tool grinding differs from other grinding in that it is completely machined by hand grinders, so the technical level of the manipulator plays an important role. The selection of the grinding wheel size, the degree of dressing of the grinding wheel, the control of the amount of manual feeding, etc. are all determined by experience.

Tool grinding is generally divided into three categories, rough grinding, fine grinding and clearing.

The rough grinding is usually carried out with a 46# grinding wheel, which is mainly to grind the cut workpiece to the required size to achieve the required flatness and finish.

Fine grinding usually uses 100# or 120# grinding wheels. In addition to the fine grinding plane, it is sometimes necessary to grind a certain groove shape. There is also a high requirement for the shape retention of the grinding wheel.

•Qing angle is about to repair the 320# special grinding wheel to a very thin thickness, such as 0.02mm, then cut out the groove, and then trim, the bottom diameter of the groove needs to be cleared to R0.03mm

•For roughing and fine grinding, the grinding process has been basically standardized. However, there are still new materials that require different types of grinding wheels for effective grinding. For example, the standard mold materials are SKD11 and SKD61, and domestic materials are gradually being adopted as the cost is lowered. The most commonly used are Cr12MoV and W6Mo5Cr4V2Al. When grinding these domestic materials, it will be found that the conventional grinding wheel loss will increase, which is due to the change of the cutting performance and hardness of the material. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the abrasive type and hardness of the grinding wheel accordingly. To achieve a good grinding effect. If there is such a need, you can contact the professional technicians of the grinding wheel to communicate. We will tailor the products to different users to improve the efficiency of grinding and extend the service life of the grinding wheel. In addition to our common 38A white corundum series, there are also 32A single crystal corundum series and SG ceramic corundum series. According to different materials, we will choose grinding wheels with different abrasives. Grinding all materials with a grinding wheel often does not give good results.

Dry and wet grinding

•Generally, the heat generated during the grinding process will burn the workpiece, so it is necessary to use the coolant to remove the heat in time. This is called wet grinding. However, the tool grinding is a very special application. Due to the complicated shape of the parts and the high processing precision, most of the processes are set manually, so there is no way to use the wet grinding method. In theory, the hardness of the die steel is very high, single crystal corundum and SG grinding wheel is the best choice. However, the application of dry grinding requires that the abrasive has good self-sharpness to avoid excessive heat generation. White corundum is the best choice, which is why the tool grinding has set white corundum as standard abrasive for ten years.

Slotted clear angle

•For the grooving of electronic molds, the NORTON brand has recently introduced a high-performance clear-angle special AA grinding wheel. The product has excellent shape retention and grinding stability, which not only can grind very fine groove shape, but also can be processed. Better bottom right angle. The difficulty of this process is that when the thickness is 0.2mm, the grinding wheel will be broken due to abnormal force, which is mainly caused by uneven internal organization of the grinding wheel. It is from this point that Norton AA grinding wheel has made great breakthroughs in the manufacturing process, so now AA grinding wheel has overcome this weakness, can be very stable to 0.2mm thickness, and the clear angle performance is very impressive. Satisfy.

•At the same time, in order to save the dressing time, we recommend using a multi-point diamond pen during roughing. It can be repaired from 6mm to 0.5mm in 30 minutes, and then replaced with a single shop diamond pen to 0.2mm. The total finishing time can be.

Grinding system

•Grinding can be thought of as a system engineering. The input aspects include machine setting, workpiece material type, operating parameters and grinding wheel selection. Through the grinding process, the output is the grinding result (work surface quality, production efficiency). And economic capital). Once the grinding results fail to achieve the desired results, it is necessary to check from the four factors of the input, rather than just looking at the grinding wheel. Sometimes it is not because of the problem of the grinding wheel, but because of the change of the material of the workpiece or the fluctuation of the heat treatment, the grinding problem arises. It is often a waste of time to check from the angle of the grinding wheel.

•For the grinding wheel, the more expensive the grinding wheel is, the better it is. The cheaper the grinding wheel is, the more difficult it is to use it. The more suitable the grinding wheel, the better it is. What is applicable, it is processed according to your machine conditions and processed. The design of the grinding wheel with the material can cut freely and meet the surface quality requirements.

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